Jack Griffin 1929-2011                                                                                        


This Picture of Dad was in a Finnish Bow Hunting Magazine

                                  at the Age of 80.

My Dad passed away January 18 this year at the age of 81 and I lost a favorite hunting partner. He was a avid hunter and fisherman to the end until he passed away. The last few years carrying an oxygen bottle everyplace he went. I have been with him on many a hunting trip. I can remember rabbit and squirrel hunting with him when I was three or four years old. Carrying rabbits in snow up to my knees and tromping the brush. Squirrel  hunting with him and making noise on the opposite side of the tree so the squirrels would go to his side. His real passion was bird hunting (quail and pheasants). He raised some really good bird dogs. I sure was glad, because I didn't have to tromp the brush like I did rabbit and squirrel hunting. In his later years he acquired a handicap permit from the Missouri Conservation Department. So it wasn't uncommon to see him hunting from his four wheeler or hunting from a blind with his crossbow. Dad got his concealed weapons permit at age 80. I was pretty busy last fall, but we got to hunt together and I was with him when he took his last deer ( a nice ten point). He taught me a lot. Not just about hunting and fishing, but everything in life. He always said there was right way to do everything and he practiced what he preached. He could tell you what every tree in the woods was and what it was good for or used for. He could name almost every weed, flower, plant, grass and mushroom. He knew more about horses than anyone I have ever known. With his faults he was a proud person. He was from the old school. 



              Dad and I in Colorado around 1967


    Dad and I  in Colorado around 1970


                     Dad and I in Missouri 2002


                    Dad and Boo fishing at the farm


            Dad with one of the many deer he has taken


                  Dad and I putting out trail cameras


                            Willie, Dad and Ben Jr.


 Dad, Willy (my son) Ben (my son) and Keith(my son-in-law )